Luìza Palma, Dme

Luìza Cristina Fernandes Palma

ALL Portugal Chairperson & Coordinator WEF Portugal


Aida Rechena


Recent lines of investigation: gender museology, theoretical museology and sociomuseology, gender in art.

Oscar Mendes

Founder & Manager of Wine Executive Club


Inderjit Singh

Inderjit is an Aviation Consultant with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Montreal; and has served in different global locations.

José António Vieira da Silva Cordeiro

Major General retired, joined the Military Academy (Army Branch) and graduated in Electrical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. During his long military career, General Cordeiro attended several courses in Portugal, United States and Spain, was in charge of several logistic military-related positions and participated in a host of abroad missions and joint operations. He also was a member of the NATO Interchangeability of Ammunition Working Group as well as Inspector of the Conventional Forces in Europe(CFE) Treaty.

Isabel Jonet

President of Food Bank for Portugal

License in Economics - Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics (1982)

Bahia Jawad Al Jishi

Kingdom of Bahrain Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, European Union, Nato and Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Tania Castilho

Tania Castilho holds a Degree in Communications Sciences and is a post-graduate Personal Trainer working as a Fitness Instructor for over 25 years. She has been teaching English at Linda’s School in Tomar, Portugal for over 20 years and is also the Head of Communications as well as Director of Creativity and Innovation at the same school, where she develops Collaborative and Philantropic Projects within her Totally English Programme and Human Development Workshops within her Focus School Programme.

Lina Lopes

President of the UGT National Women's Secretariat

Ines Carvalho Sá

Lawyer at Carlos Pinto de Abreu

Elza Pais

Elza Pais is Congresswoman and President of the Sub-Commission for Equality and Non-Discrimination at the Portuguese Parliament.

Miguel Reynolds Brandão

Miguel Reynolds Brandão, is a proud father of 4. A family man, curious and independent by nature, graduated in engineering and management, with several post-graduations from universities in Portugal, France, USA and Japan. He is a Stanford Alumni.

Luísa Calém

Owner of Family Vineyard

José François Oulman Bensaude

First visit to Israel in 1959 (studied in England GCE 'O' and 'A' levels in Michael Hall School and Millfield School 1952-1960).

Harbeen Arora

Dr. Harbeen Arora is a Global Leader, Speaker, Educa onist, Philanthropist, Spiritualist, Author, Entrepreneur and Businesswoman.

Helena Garrido

Helena Garrido has been a journalist in the area of ​​economics and finance since 1986.

Augusto Santos Silva

Your Excellency the Minister of International Portuguese Affairs

Fátima Campos Ferreira


Born in Lisbon. He lives in Valença, Porto and currently in Lisbon, where he has been working since 1995

Marina Sá Borges

Managing General Secretary of Associação de empresas Familiares

Vítor Bento

Vítor Bento, 63 years old, is graduated in Economics by ISEG-Lisbon School of Economics and Management and has a Masters degree in Philosophy from Portuguese Catholic University.

Cristina Alexandra Rodrigues da Cruz Vaz Tomé

Engineer Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon, with an MBA in International Management from the Portuguese Catholic University. Cristina has extensive experience in the industrial sector and management consulting with the Public Administration.

José Costa Pinto

Founding Partner Costa Pinto Advogados

Adriana Potomati

Coordinator of Brazilian São Paulo and Salvador Industry Confederation

Luís Esteves

Director of Flight Operations

Nehaal Mayur

Representative for United Nations Department for Pubic Information

Teresa Veiga Furtado

Professor University of Évora, Portugal

Gonçalo Osório

CEO Zenki Group Superbrands, Portugal

Rachel Smets

Rachel Smets is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and trainer.

Marta Carvalho

Advogada especializada em direito criminal, lei de emigração, família e menores.

Serena Romano

Telecommunications, Energy and Gender Parity International Consultant

Subha Rajan

Head External Relations CII

Delhi, India

Ana Rita Duarte Campos

Vice President of Portuguese Bar Association & Senior Partner of Morais Leitão Lawyers, Portugal

Iva Šubart

Project Coordinator at Bohemian inspiration


Francisco Correa de Barros

Managing Diretor of Hotel Palácio Estoril

Luisa Sousa

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach


Lurdes Carvalho

World Heritage Committee at National Comission for Unesco

Joao Santos Lucas

Joao Santos Lucas is an international management consultant, CEO of Mediplano, Portugal, with extensive work in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Ana Rita Clara

Fundadora We Can Change It

Sandra Cunha

Bloco de Esquerda

Member of the Commission on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedom and Guaranties
Member of the Parliamentary Commission for Equality and non-discrimination
Member of the Parliamentary Portuguese Group on Population and Development

Isabel Barata

Managing director SATA airline

Joana Vasconcelos

JOANA VASCONCELOS (1971) lives and works in Lisbon. She has exhibited regularly since the mid-1990s.

João Micael

Specialist in personal, social, professional and corporate Protocol and image.

Mónica Santiago

Former presidente of European Professional's Women Network (EPWN)

Pierre A. Morgon

Chief Executive Officer of MRGN Advisors and Regional Partner for Switzerland at Mérieux Développement, an evergreen investment structure focused on medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and patient management services.

Charlotte Andersdotter

Innovation Expert, Founder and CEO and founder at Cre8 AB

Gemma Cernuda-Canelles

Ellas Deciden Socia Fundadora

Liliana Domingues

Entrepreneur | Sustainability Consultant | Writer

Anne Van Den Bergh

Country Manager of Ageas

Beatriz Amado Acosta

Beatriz Amado Acosta nasceu em 1997, em Lisboa, e tem dupla nacionalidade, portuguesa e espanhola.

Madalena Teixeira nasceu em Lisboa em junho de 1996.

Isabel Costa

Embassador of Peace from Women´s Federation for World Peace